Energon SystemEdit

Energon parts are extra parts for the main car.

You enter energon by clicking the E beside "strategy formation botton


Energon stonesEdit

Energon parts are bought from component merchant for energon stones. Each components is bought at lvl 40 for 6 energon stones.

Energon stones are won in league in the Masters Preminary. For each 100 point you have gained when preminary ends you will get 1 energon stone.

Energon SetsEdit

Good (Blue): availible for all players

Exquisite (Purple): only availible for players that have participated in the latest Masters Elimination

Superior (Orange): only availible for players that have been in top8 of the latest Cross-Server League tournament.

Energon level upgradeEdit

Energon level can be upgraded by using energon stones. The amound of stones required for upgrade increases for each lvl

Energon level upgrade cost (energon stones)


50 12
60 16
70 21
80 27
90 35
110 55

Energon star upgradeEdit

Energons amound of stars can be upgraded by using Junior Energon Essence (for 1-3 stars) and Senior Energon Essence (for 4 stars and higher)

Energon SplittingEdit

When splitting an energon Energon Essence equal to the amound of stars will be returned as well as an amound of energon stones depending on the component lvl.

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