Gold as seen in the game

Gold is the pay-to-play currency that is available to all players in Richstate.  Gold can buy many objects in the game that may quicken your development in the game.

How to Obtain GoldEdit

Gold can be obtained by paying real world money to the current server that you are playing this game through. 

How to Use GoldEdit

Gold can buy a lot of items in Richstate, most of which are used to increase the speed of development in the game.  To find all the items available that can be brought with gold, open up the "mall" icon that is third last icon (from top to bottom) on the column of icons on the right.

Common ItemsEdit

These items are commonly used in Richstate, and normally do not cost too much gold to buy.  Items under this section will be found in the table underneath.

All of the common items in the mall and their prices
Mentor Ticket 10
Improvement Card 1000
Golden Diamond Contract 20
Superior Luxury Coupon 10
Senior Talent Reinforcer 50
Recruitment Agreement 15
Task Card 10
Driver Growth Card 20
Quality Token 10
Junior Talent Reinforcer 20
Insight Crystal 50
Enlightment Crystal 50
Senior Energon Essence 50
Junior Energon Essence 40
Senior Potential Exploration Card 500
Medium Potential Exploration Card 100
Junior Potential Exploration Card 10
Advanced Exploration Ticket 500
Intermediate Exploration Ticket 100
Junior Exploration Ticket 10
VIP Privileges 1999
Advanced Expander 990
Diamond Contract 12
Convoy Modification Tool 50
Convoy Contract 6
Adv. Convoy Exp. Ticket 10
Super Intensive Training Ticket 450
Advanced Purgatory Reel 50
Junior Purgatory Reel 10
Advanced Intensive Training Ticket 100
Intermediate Intensive Training Ticket 50
Junior Intensive Training Ticket 10
Energy Restoring Potion 10
Expander 99
Growth Card 50
Advanced Strategy Talisman 12
Store Ticket Gift Box 48
Commendation 6
Maintenance Tool 2
Rejuvenation Potion 15
Talent Clearance 200
Solid Iron Spades 100
Solid Copper Spades 55
Light Wooden Spades 20
Golden Contract 6


Gems are used to enhance the power of the car in the game.  They can be brought off of the mall for an amount of gold.  Below is a chart with all gems and their prices.

Super Star Shone 5000
Advanced Star Shone 60
Lv 1 Critical Hit Gem 15
Lv 1 Durable Gem 15
Lv 1 Control Gem 15
Lv 1 Focus Gem 15
Junior Star Shone 50

Valuable GoodsEdit

Valuable goods are items in the mall that cost massive amounts of gold to buy.  They normally suit both cosmetic and practical purposes.  One valuable good from the mall can massively increase the power of your car and company.  Because of their expensive price, they are normally not bought.  Below is a graph of all the valuable goods and their prices.

Valuable goods and their prices
Bunny Emblem 69999
LaFerrari Card 69999
Qoros 3 Card 69999
Welcome Medal 69999
Flourish Medal 69999
Mazda Furai Card 69999
VDS GT 001 Card 69999
Wraith Medal 69999
Sparkle Medal 69999
Eminence Medal 69999
LM 800 Card 69999
Celebration Medal 69999
Jubilation Medal 69999
Bugatti Veyron Convertible Card 69999
Spyker C8 Aileron Card 69999
Devotion Medal 69999
Citroen Survolt Card 69999
Sun Medal 69999
Autumn Medal 69999
Naivete Medal 69999
Outing Medal 69999
Ferrari 458 SPIDER Card 69999
Camaro AT Card 69999
Ford Mustang GT Card 69999
BMW Z4 Chameleon Card 69999
Merry Medal 69999
Enjoyment Medal 69999
Ease Medal 69999
Composure Medal 69999
Acumen Medal 69999
Sobriety Medal 69999
R8 V10 Card 69999
Splendor Medal 69999
Gale Medal 69999
BMW M1 Card 69999
Koenigsegg CCXR Card 69999
Dean Lauren Card 69999
Barton Revan Card 69999
Austin Condon Card 69999
TT Roadster Card 69999
Italian Sesto Elemento Card 69999
SSC Ultimate Aero II Card 69999
Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Card 69999
Capricorn Medal 69999
Scorpio Medal 69999
Sledge-Spirit Card 69999
Audi R10 Card 69999
Lexus LFA Card 69999
Porsche-ye14 Card 69999
Libra Medal 69999
Porsche-Black-Backed Card 69999
Lambourghini-Landy Card 69999
Spyker-Darktrace Card 69999
Cancer Medal 69999
Gemini Medal 69999
Taurus Medal 69999
White Tiger Medal 69999
Azure Dragon Medal 69999
Terrain 59999
Bently Mulsanne
Benz SLK
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